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Hello! My name is Eleanor Yates and I am a journalism student aspiring to work in industry in multi-media journalism particularly online and travel.

I have always loved writing and photography, and journalism for me incorporates both of those things. I enjoy travelling and the fast paced nature of the industry. I want to focus on stories showing the world and different people and cultures and use this blog as a place to keep all my work together and share what I have created :))

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you are right!

~ Henry Ford

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University Project

TV News Package

For my Broadcast Journalism assignment I created a TV News Package exploring the idea of: How has the reopening of non-essential retail affected small online

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University Project

Radio Package

As part of my Broadcast Journalism module, I created a radio package exploring how elderly people feel about the Covid-19 vaccine. 

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Published Work

Scream Loud Social Internship

I worked for 3 months as a Sales and Marketing Intern at Scream Loud Social. I wrote weekly articles for the blog page focusing on

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University Project

Trooper Magazine

A new magazine for military children who want a sense of community, and something constant in a life of change. I worked as the Creative

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